PoC Program

Get the right feedback about your IDS ecosystem

To see if something really helps, the best way is to test it. But test it with your own systems, data, environment, teams etc is much better. This is what we want you to do.

We know that test something like OwlH configurations requires help. Of course, you can test it your self, but you will get much more feedback if we play together.

We have some great features and configurations to deploy in your environment. The ones we will use will depend on your needs and objectives. We will help you to identify the ones that will help to meet your needs. There is no limit for this PoC on which ones are we going to demonstrate. Limitation in this PoC will be mainly time.

We are also open to discuss any other item that may be related but is not included in this list. If it makes sense, we will include it in our PoC.

And this PoC will be Free of charge.

For PoC Program enrollment/info please send email to poc@owlh.net

PoC OwlH Features Selector

  • Cloud Software TAP
  • Network IDS Orchestration
  • Wazuh Integration
  • Buffered Traffic Capture
  • PCI Enrichment

PoC Parameters

  • 2 week PoC
  • Limited scope
  • Success Criteria, Objectives and Needs definition
  • Free of charge, No cost
  • In Your own Environment
  • Full access to OwlH team
  • OwlH team must have remote access to your environment

1st Week

Deploy and Configure

2nd Week

Use, tray and demonstrate

PoC Process

Define -> Execute -> Evaluate


Customer Criteria.

Reduced Scope

Team and resources needed


Deploy and configure related components

Fine tunning

Verify all criteria is covered


Are criteria meet?

How OwlH helps?

What feature else would be a good to have?

"What's next?" plan

For PoC Program enrollment/info please send email to poc@owlh.net