Security world is not related to a tool. It is related to a continuous process that must be able to evolve and adapt to your network, systems, and software as they do.

Also, Security and cyber-security terms are a really big and complex world with a huge amount sub-worlds, regions, areas, or whatever how you would like to call them.

OwlH is born to help with one piece of this galaxy. We can summarize it as help to implement and maintain Network Traffic Analysis process based in Network IDS open source solutions. But a process is not just a tool or a solution, it will contain tasks, tools, solutions and it must evolve and adapt.

So, OwlH is about that, a platform to provide process definitions that will use 3rd party tools or solutions, our own tools, and our tasks definition to successfully implement them.

This picture will summarize the process we are working in.

Our target right now is to provide help for:

  • Network IDS integrated with Host IDS solution
  • On-Premises Network IDS
  • Cloud Network IDS Software TAP
  • Network IDS Orchestration
  • Alert Enrichment
  • Data Visualization
  • Adapt and response

OwlH provides the help you need to be successful with your network IDS environment. Contact us: contact@owlh.net